About Us

Blockchain Press is dedicated to educating Canadians on the core aspects of distributed ledger technologies which is often just called, the blockchain.  We are here to help you get educated and comfortable with blockchain powered infrastructures and new business models surrounding them.  Also, we hope to give you insight into the Canadian blockchain market and who are the leaders in blockchain education, research, application and deployment.

Paul Dysko has been focused in the last year on better understanding the global and Canadian markets of blockchain technologies.  Diving deep into disruptive startups to better understand how some of the largest industries could be disrupted over the next decade to benefit the end customer or overall business productivity in delivering products and services.

Paul is an alumni of The Blockchain Hub at York University- Lassonde School of Engineering where he attained the following certifications in 2018 @ Lassonde Professional Development-York University:

Services We Offer

Our goal is to help teams within your company understand blockchain technologies and how they may apply to your specific industry. Our services focus on research and education. If your company is looking to get up to seed on blockchain technologies we will be more than happy to deliver custom training to your teams as it relates to your industry. Beyond education, we focus on industry point of view reports to empower C-level executives with the information needed to make an assessment on the risks and benefits of blockchain technologies as they relate to your current business model.