September 2018, Issue 1


Welcome to the first issue of the monthly newsletter of Blockchainpress. Our goal is to keep Canadians educated and informed on the rapidly evolving blockchain and digital currency sectors.  There is lots of information out there and our goal is to bring you the most relevant news and education content monthly in a short concise one pager.

Canada Blockchain News

Canada delays cryptocurrency regulation 

BMO Bank tests Canadian debt issuance on blockchain 

National Research Council of Canada blockchain update 

Crypto exchange Coinsquare entering EU market 

Canada Revenue Agency bitcoin ATM research survey 

Bank of Canada study finds 58% of Canadians own BTC

Survey – blockchain impact on accounting departments

Matt Spoke of Aion speaks at Toronto Futurist conference

George Brown College launches blockchain dev program

Educate Yourself

What is the business model behind cryptocurrency wallets?

Video Streaming – Decentralization and Cryptoeconomics

Can Blockchain Disrupt The E-Book Market? 

Blockchain ecosystem – understanding the verticals and major players

CORE Magazine, July 2018 Issue – always a good read

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