Blockchain Press welcomes Jakub Ner to the team

Today we are growing our team and I can’t be more excited to be adding someone who has taught me so much about the blockchain space from the software development perspective in the last 12 month. Jakub Ner is joining Blockchain Press as our resident subject matter expert in Blockchain smart contract development. Jakub is the co-founder of an open source project focused on building a “trustless” Backend as a Service ecosystem to allow users of online client-software to remain pseudonymous and in full control of their data. In addition, he stays connected with the Blockchain community by participating in hackathons and local meetups. Recently he participated in the Ethereal Virtual Hackathon where he designed a crowd-sourced citizen toll road enforcement solution combining Microsoft’s centralized Azure serverless connected to Ethereum blockchain, with payments for dollars and ethers via ledger-based authorizations from

Jakub is one of the few software developers I have met in my life that does “amazing” documentation around anything he does. If you want to see what I’m talking about, then checkout the crowd-sourced citizen toll road enforcement project, you can learn more about it at the below links.

Please note that you’ll need a digital wallet like Metamask to interact with the demo.

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