Building Canadian Consensus: Our Maturing Blockchain Ecosystem

Kicking off the new year, it’s always valuable to look at how far we have come along in the Canadian blockchain & digital currencies sector. Getting a better understanding how healthy is this industry and what can we look forward to in 2020. The Government of Canada recently enlisted the help of The Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC), a not-for-profit national centre of expertise for the digital economy. The report put together by the ICTC with the support of many Canadian subject matter experts provides insights into:

  • The historic context for blockchain
  • Key concepts
  • Use cases and what blockchain is not right for
  • Canada’s blockchain advantage versus other jurisdictions
  • Sector, type and company size data
  • Workforce skills required in blockchain
  • Emerging Trends for a maturing industry

The Introduction section of this report gives you a good grasp of the basic blockchain concepts and terms. From there the report goes into the industry ecosystem and breaks down the different use cases of blockchain by industry in Canada.

The report is available for download from the ICTC website, available for download here. Happy reading and Happy New Year from the team at

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